Sunday, 5 July 2020

Freedom is Tight#

One of the tightest words of this world is freedom. The meaning of freedom is the same for all. But the situation in which this word used is different for all. Someone rightly said, “You are Only Free when You Realise”. In our day to day life, we have been facing a lot of situations where we are restricted to do many things and wanted just a signal to do the thing we desired. But have you ever thought about why you are restricted to do such things. 

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Rest and peace

Rest and Peace

You might have wondering for this weird Title but believe me the subject is very interesting. I always practise “rest and peace” before starting my day. So 8 hr of sleep and 2 hr of silence in a day required to be healthy life as per science. So do you believe rest means “sleeping”, I think the answer is No because when you complete this article you will know the meaning of “Rest”.

Word like Equanimous and consciousness is very common in mountain climbers list. When you are climbing a giant mountain you must have conscious and equanimous else chances of failure are high.

Because one single wrong step will leads you to the bottom of the mountain. If you ever attempted to climb a mountain you must have witnessed the silence at mountain. The sound of the air is so clear that you think to be lucky at their. You might have thought why I am not experiencing this silence at my apartment which is middle of the street. Why the streets are so busy, why the neighbours children’s are shouting throughout the day. Because these things are common and it will never stops. You are experiencing peace and calmness at mountains because mountains are silent and you just experiencing that. So you have to understand the rule of the nature. “Peace lies inside your body”.  If you are in, middle of a crowded place and still experiencing peace that is real peace. That’s why I always say human beings are God’s best creatures. They can experience what others creatures can’t.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Are we heading towards the END?

Time is a very Interesting concept. You don’t know when your time will be good or bad or worse. Everything depends on your action. You can’t buy good time or sell your bad time. It is like sugar in your morning fruit juice. It is there but you can’t notice like the corona virus. This is there but you can’t touch it or notice it. This again proves no one is super power or you can say no one is immune to death.

Presently as per the situation if you could alive for the next 6 month then you are the most fortunate person of this planet. Before 60 days everything was running smoothly, Bishnu was  going to her office, Rahul was going to his school, Bunty was busy with his friends at a perk, bubbly was on a holiday trip to Europe, etc etc.  But suddenly everything changed like someone pressed the wrong button of a time machine. Nobody knows what will happen with him/her Now. The whole world is suffering, No matter how rich or poor its country men are.

The question is even we live in this 21st century, why we are so worry this time for a silly virus. We are having Apache Helicopter, Destructor missile, Atom bomb, after all the mother of all Nuclear Bomb.

We are worry because we forgot to think our own people safety. We always lost our energy by thinking to counter our opponent. If you have played any modern survival Videogame then you must have witness, the hero always carries a bottle of Blood with him, so when he is going to die that time he could reinstall that to him. So the point is in these 100 years we have developed a lot of techniques to overpower our opponent. We built monument, Temples, cross border wall, oil reservoirs etc etc. We did this because we need these. But have we built enough Hospitals? So if you look to the overall expenditure of a normal country for its Expenditure towards its Heath care sector then you will astonish that it spends 80% lesser in Heath care sector than its Defence sector. For example India spends Rs 4.7 lakh crore for Defence sector out of its Total RS 30.4 lakh crore Expenditure Target And It spends Rs 60.3 thousand crore only for its Heath care system.

Our bank written off Rs 80 Thousand crore from its books of account as per RBI data on FY-2019-20. Still we are saying we don’t have money. A total of 3.3 lakh crore have spent by various state governments for Debt waiver scheme to support its farmers. But now when these difficult times arrived they cut salary of their underpaid overload workers. So when you lost your RS 4 lakh crore tax paid money for doing nothing and still saying India is a poor country ,then your voters are going to ask you next time. India is a country which offers very low price heath insurance but majority of its countryman’s are not having enough resources to buy this product but they have money to buy wine. What a funny county.

So just think what we are doing for our heath care sector. Its alarming when you are having 130+ crore population and having only 10 lakh registered doctors, The present situation demands more doctors and health care professions which we don’t have. India needs to think about its priority in next budget.

 I am not saying we don’t need defence force but simultaneously we need to improve our health care system. This COVID-19 taught a great lesson to us. At least now our governments could think for this deteriorating and high costing heath care system.

Human race is facing its most difficult times since its existence. For the first time the whole race is facing survival fear. No one is sure about him/her survival. But Don’t worry, this time will also pass and we will win this race. We will surely find a cure to this and we live as before. God is there to help us.

Stay Home Stay Safe.


Friday, 24 May 2019

TIK tok Life........!

Good morning to all…. I hope you all doing good in your life. I pray to almighty God that Each and every moment of your life should filled with happiness.

So lets begin this wonderful day with a baby smile. You know smile is double free …wow why it is double because if you will smile your surrounding will look at you and they will also smile so buy one smile  and get many smile.

I think most of you are using Tik Tok App, a very creative app which actually has the power of creating mood. You know when the last time you actually laugh like a baby. I think for most of us this answer would very person to person,➽  for some they may be smile like a baby when they were baby(this is very strange..ohh ) and for others may be recently when they have attended a birthday party and laugh while discussing some funny issue. You know what matter most in this life is Your one single smile….so smile like a baby.

Friday, 9 November 2018


Recently I went to a beach and enjoy a lot. Well not only me but there are several others who were enjoying the wave ,the air , the water and the surrounding. There I thought like wave in ocean is common, in an ocean wave shape itself in different form and appears and vanishes. It never bother who is at the other side, it just pop up like whatsapp messages and vanishes. If you are  having Whatsapp no matter where you are ,the messages never stop to pop up. In our day to day life, if we compare the above mentioned events then we will find, in our life so many like event,dislike event , problems are poping up like the wave in the ocean. So I think “Problems and situations are powerless without  your reaction”. Ocean never bothers to react so shall We?

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Life is Like a Cricket Match

This IPL season many new batsmen are playing good cricket. Many experienced cricketer also playing well. Viewers are increasing ,Hotstar is gaining its popularity coz it shows the recap in just 15 min which save our 4 hr of precocious time (….).

Many teams plays in different stadium, different state, different climate condition, even players in the team changes game to game. In the same stadium, sometime a batsmen scores century and sometime not able to score even a single run. Sometimes he/she faces bouncer and sometimes short pitch ball. But Stadium never changes , inside the stadium a lot of situation arises but it is like the same stadium as it was 10yr before. We all are playing the same cricket match in this Earth called Stadium. Like the stadium never changes so this Earth. No matters what happens to Us this Earth never changes.

In life also we faces tough situation and lovely moment. Neither of these remains forever with us. Like the batsman never face the same delivery so we. A batsmen has to face different type of ball each time and plays accordingly so we. We are playing our own game, Like in cricket there is an Umpire to monitor the game, so in our life our own heart is our own umpire. We all are playing alone here.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Beautiful Earth

Beautiful earth
‘’Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs , but not every man’s greed.’’
                                                                                                                        -Mahatma Gandhi
Whenever I go for a morning walk I see how beautiful this earth is ,I see the earth I saw yesterday is completely changed and this is a new one and I step in to a new planet . This earth has everything for us  to live, this has water, soil ,air , cloud ,tress , flowers, ocean etc .All these things are not owned by anyone so no one restricts you to enjoy this. Just close your eyes and see the beauty ,feel the sensation and roam around. Give your gratitude to all these natural creation. This mother earth waiting for you to explore it.
There  may be another planet like Earth in the solar system but if we enjoy our present Earth that would be wiser than any imagination. We play on this earth, we walk on it ,we construct house on it ,we build roads on it and many more still she says nothing . It only welcomes us  to do more to explore it more. She never complains never hesitate on anything, she is like our Mother who scarifies her entire life for us .

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Just breath......

Just Breath……..

We are so lucky that God gave us one thing for free forever i.e breath…breath…. . you might thinking why I am repeating this word “breath”, because without this everything in our life is like black hole. We breath normally 12-20 times in a minute and 1200 times in an hour, calculate for day. My point is we are breathing unknowing countless times in a day but imagine if we breath knowingly countless times a day then what will we get. We always work for two thing peace and peace. Who does not want peace in his/her life , infact everyone. So you are going to get a method where without doing anything you are going to experience the real peace yaa real peace of this earth. Again this is free and you are lucky to have it first. Before I explains the technique which is very simple and experienced by millions of human being  I need to point out one thing. Just forget your entire past for a minute and delete all your desire of future for a minute. This is not difficult but if you think it is difficult then it is.. so be cool and just seat on a place and try it.
just to inform you  "Feelings are just like visitor ,Let them come and go"
STEP 1- CLOSE your eyes.
STEP 2- experience the breathing… experience your  inhalation or exhalation of air from the lungs.

STEP 3 – don’t do anulam bilam …just experience your natural flow of breathing.
STEP 4- repeat STEP 2 for a minute and don’t count your breathing … just experience.
STEP 5- within a second or two your pre stored thought will come and disturb you but you  promised me for not opening your eyes for a minute. just hold on and just experience your breathing.
This technique is not new and not discovered by me . it is discovered by great saint and practiced from millions of year.
Believe me the kind of calmness and peace you got in this one minute i.e not available in this so called materialistic world. This is the sign of GOD that nothing is permanent. Like you breath your first and its gone again you breath a new one ..if you practice it ,you will know the meaning of this.
In day to day life unknowing we crave for thing which is not going to bother us in a year or two, we greed for thing which we will not going to use. We expect ,we imagine, like a painter paint out of his/her imagination just like this we create painting in our mind and crave for it,, we know nothing is in our control then also we crave, because we don’t know the technique to control this mind.
Just try it my friend …and wait for the next step…I promise to bring you the next step very shortly..till then have a nice day and good bye…may GOD bless you and your family..may GOD gives you and your family all the happiness of this world………thank you for reading.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Life is Awesome

This Life is awesome ,I am enjoying every moment of it. Some moments are Chik Chik and others are Happy Happy. Like air bubble it changes in second, Like this earth don't stay at one place and changes every second , same way life never stops it changes. Life consists of billions of Moments and that likes a train which never stand only on one station that way moments never stay with us forever. We are Like Station waiting for the next train and then next it continues till our death.

Water in a lake flows every time ,We keep on visiting that same Lake thinking it is same water but practically the Lake we have visited last time is not the lake we are watching this time every particle of the lake have changed.So simply enjoy every day of your life and never waits for the moments to come just chill and forgive every one.

Sorry -This five letter changes billions of chik chik moments to happy happy moment ,use this word wisely.
Say Thank You to Everyone ,Congratulate Everyone and Appreciates everyone's efforts ,help everyone never say anything which hurts others always check your inner voice before making any judgement .These may sounds classic but believe me old is gold and your moment is gold.
carry always a sense of proudness that you are lucky to be human so that you can enjoy every moment.
Every matters in this world is unique,some differs by size and shape and some by Color.
Never ever try to differentiates any living or non living matters ,because it changes and it is better to be enjoy what ever shape and size it is.
Before Discovering the whole world try to discover yourself first. The day you discover yourself that day you automatically discover the whole world. You made up with billions of cell and each cell changes every time so that you are changing in every moment .This is reality.........
Be happy and make others happy.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

joie de vivre

Literally joy of living,this phrase describers an immense delight in being alive,an effervescent keenness for all the daily activities that human being can indulge in.People who possess joie de vivre are never moody,depressed ,bored,or apathetic - on the contrary,they are full of sparkle,eager to engage in all group activities,and,most important,always seems to be having a good time ,no matter what they are doing.If we always showcase our benigness to all then think how would we fill. I always try to think why should i scold him,why should I alter with him. Because this moment is going to change. We have to love what we are doing to get the most benefit out of it. Suppose you have dream of something but for the shake you are doing something else: then also you have to love what you are doing. No body knows what the future is so why we live in misery by craving future. Frozen-a movie which show case what true love is,in this the message is if you always show case good attitude to all that to for all cases: Then for you this life is enjoyable . you have to live in present to enjoy your life .when we stop comparing with other and live like what we can best manage then everything seems so perfect,There is no worry of losing any thing nor for gaining any thing.A vivasious personality will never creates any problem in your have to convivial to fill the joy of living. so try not to hurt others and always believe that this moment is also change so never react to the problem. And most importantly never use IF where you have to do something necessary. BE happy and calm .

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Arnold Bennett once pointed that we all have the same amount of time-twenty four hours day.Strickly speaking that's an important obsevation which Bennet ever made.
It's not time that counts but energy-and of that wonderful quality we all have very different amount,from the people who wake up tired,no matter how much sleep theyh've had ,to lucky,well adjusted mortals who hardly ever need to sleep.
Energy comes from a healthy body of-course;it also comes from a psychological balance,a lack of conflicts and insecurities.
Some people apparently have boundless ,illimitable energy-they're on the go from morning to neight,and often far into the neight,working hard,playing hard,never tiring ,never worn out or exhausted-and getting twice as much as any three other human beings.
I believe we never waste our time in fact no body wants  to-but some time we utilize the time where we don't want to,apparently that cost us a lot. If Hitler uses the energy fro the Development of Germany what he get from the initial 2 yr of war.Then i think Germany would have the most finest Economy of World this time.Look even a tine country like Germany which is not even the size of ODISHA can concur the entire world so it is his energy which directs him to this way.
Giving 100% energy to what we want to do is a wiser choice than giving fraction of it to the back up which 90% people carries with them.People often says time is valuable but I think Energy is more valuable than Time.IF we wake up by thinking Today is the last day for me to live in this world and -I am going to put all my energy to what ever  I wanted to do then ; I  think no body can stop us from achieving our highest and grandest goal of our lief.  "Be happy always to get to know your 100% Energy"

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Beautiful Mind

We all knows "We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them",This Blog is based on this simple quotes by Einstein. We all knows that our brain divided to two part,one is left and other is right. If you are thinking now a brain like structure than that is coming from your right side and if you are thinking some sentence about brain then that is coming from your  left side . Images are stored at right side and all emotion ,word etc stored in left side. People says practice makes man perfect but is there any certain procedure for practice.  It varies from person to person. if you work on your fear than that is one type of practice which I follow. I always tries to read from my left brain and concentrate too from that . It helps me to remember thing for a very long time.I am not a brain scientist or psychiatrist ,whatever you are going to read is from my experience.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mother is the Ultimate Ocean

R u there .she  shout like I am a kid. In-fact for mother how old you are "you are kid forever". when ever you phone her irrespective of your success or failure she will ask one single question for sure "had you had your dinner son". if you  say yes then the next will be "what you had".If your answer is positive for both the case she will feel relive if negative her heart bit starts escalating. She always care you like she did when you are as little as one year old. I remember i had a lot of altercation with my mother for very small stuff , but you know "Mother is a ocean of love" she never reacted seriously all that she says "OK",this altercation are  like ephemeral to her. she never remember this. But if the same thing will happens with other person,then you know "how hard it is to negotiate". "Respect mother" ,keep in touch with your mother every day that will keep your brain active.